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Aligning orbital trajectories...
Securing payload...
All systems go!
Launch sequence initiated.
Mission ready. Counting down...
Calibrating interstellar engines...
0.67416° N, 23.47314° E


Redesigning the web experience for the most accessible DeFi platform.

Web Design ⋅ UX Copywriting

Instadapp is a unified DeFi platform from India, backing approximately $3 billion TVL. It offers an intuitive interface that simplifies DeFi, making advanced financial operations accessible to both novice and experienced users. Instadapp consolidates various DeFi functions like borrowing, lending, and swapping into a single platform, enabling smart contract-based automation and optimization. This redefines how users interact with decentralized finance, promoting financial freedom and the next phase of finance.

Designing for Simplified Management

Instadapp excels in simplifying the DeFi experience while offering robust asset management tools. The challenge was to create a digital presence that reflects this balance of simplicity and power.

We focused on a clean, modern design with intuitive navigation to ensure users can easily access and utilize the platform's features. The interface guides users through complex DeFi operations seamlessly. We showcased dashboards where users can easily manage their assets, highlighting how easy it is to use Instadapp. The visual identity incorporated bold colors and streamlined graphics to convey trust, resonating with both new and experienced DeFi users. Additionally, we integrated motion into the website to make it more dynamic.

DeFi within Everyone’s Reach

Since its launch, Instadapp has significantly advanced in DeFi, helping users maximize their digital assets. The platform's user base has grown rapidly, with positive feedback highlighting the design's effectiveness in making DeFi accessible and efficient. Instadapp remains committed to enhancing decentralized finance by continually adding new features and integrations. At Spacekayak, we are proud to support their vision, collaborating closely to ensure their platform continues to lead in the DeFi space.

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