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A mission-driven rebranding promoting inclusion and democracy in DeFi

Branding, Web Design and Product Design
3 Months

WeFi is a decentralized money market protocol that provides investment and loan options in the DeFi space. With WeFi, users can borrow funds to invest in a wide range of assets.

WeFi, then known as Paxo Finance, aimed for a branding transformation that would reflect its mission of financial democracy. Following a collaborative brand workshop with the founders, we renamed the company to 'WeFi', a name that ties together community ‘We' and finance 'Fi'.

Made Bold and Playful, With Trust

We were inspired by WeFi’s commitment to financial sovereignty, prosperity, and innovation. Their new brand identity was built to be bold, trustworthy, and playful, using vibrant colours and people-centric imagery across their website and product.

A companion for every WeFi user

To personify WeFi's strong community values, we introduced a mascot named Dino. A tech-savvy dinosaur that is not just a mascot but an embodiment of wisdom and playfulness — a reliable DeFi guide and companion for WeFi users.

Rebranding with Impact

The transition from Paxo Finance to WeFi marked a pivotal moment for the company. The new branding, enriched with trust, playfulness, and a strong sense of community, played an important role in WeFi's successful IDO round. WeFi's rebranding journey highlights the power of embodying and amplifying a brand's mission through design.