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Shaping the Future of Blockchain with. Polygon Cutting-Edge Design and Engineering


Polygon is a leading platform in the blockchain industry, offering scalable, secure, and efficient solutions for building decentralized applications (dApps). Known for its innovative technologies like ZK-rollups, Polygon aims to enhance the Ethereum ecosystem by providing robust tools and infrastructure to developers and businesses worldwide.

Our Creative Journey With Polygon

Over a year, we have partnered with Polygon on several groundbreaking projects, contributing our design and front-end engineering expertise to help shape their innovative blockchain solutions. From developing user-friendly websites to crafting seamless user experiences, our collaboration with Polygon showcases our commitment to advancing solutions in the blockchain space.

Explore our work with Polygon below and discover how we have contributed to their vision of creating a more connected and scalable blockchain ecosystem.


The Future of Multichain
Asset Transfers
branding, dApp Development, Design System, Landing Page Design

When Polygon introduced us to Bridgy, we were thrilled by its potential. Bridgy was envisioned as a cutting-edge solution to simplify asset transfers across multiple blockchain networks. It aimed to provide swift, secure, and cost-efficient transactions, supporting 11 networks, including Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Chain. The vision was to enable a user-friendly, secure, and efficient multichain future, developed by Polygon Product Labs.

The Bridgy Brand

We proposed a visual identity for Bridgy that effectively communicated its mission of simplifying asset transfers across multiple blockchain networks. The logo, consisting of two semicircles stacked on top of each other, represented the concept of bridging different networks, highlighting seamless asset transfers between them. The color palette, a blend of professional and playful tones, included black and white as primary colors and matte purple as a secondary color, striking a balance between sophistication and approachability. The typography was carefully designed to be simple yet dynamic, reflecting the app's focus on efficiency and user-friendliness.

Crafting a Swift, Seamless and Secure dApp

Developing the Bridgy dApp was an intricate process. We started with detailed wireframes and user flows, focusing on creating a smooth and intuitive onboarding experience. We aimed to minimize slippage and ensure fast, secure liquidity, making transactions not just possible, but effortless and efficient. We also created a comprehensive design system for Bridgy to ensure consistency and scalability across all user interactions. The final product screens reflected our commitment to usability and performance, bringing Bridgy's vision to life.

Polygon Connect 2023

Creative Collaboration Highlighting Polygon’s Solutions at Polygon Connect 2023
Infographics Design

Polygon Connect is a series of events and initiatives organized by Polygon to foster collaboration, education, and networking within the blockchain community. We collaborated with Polygon Connect 2023 to create educational infographics for the event, showcasing their technologies and vision through visually appealing and easily understandable designs, including Polygon 2.0, Polygon CDK, and Polygon zkEVM. This high-agency collaboration was delivered in three days, ensuring the infographics effectively educated and inspired event attendees and the Polygon community.

Polygon Copilot

Designing the AI Hub for Seamless Web3 Navigation
Website Design & Development

Polygon Copilot is an AI-powered assistant designed to help users navigate the extensive Polygon ecosystem and Web3 landscape. Built-in collaboration with LayerE and powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 model, Polygon Copilot offers insights, analytics, and guidance through a user-friendly conversational interface. It caters to user levels with three personas: Beginner, Advanced, and Degen, providing tailored information and support.

We transformed Polygon Copilot into a full-fledged AI Hub for Polygon, revamping its capabilities and user experience. Our team designed and developed the new website, ensuring it reflects Polygon's user-centric approach. The website, now live, serves as a central point for users to interact with the AI assistant, explore various AI projects, and access valuable resources and insights about the Polygon ecosystem.

Polygon Technical Graphics System

Establishing Polygon's Technical Graphics System
Graphics System Development, Branding Guidelines

We proposed a comprehensive Graphics System for Polygon, designed to convey the full potential of Polygon 2.0 while ensuring consistency across all communication channels. This system aimed to provide foundational guidelines to help create technical graphics and campaigns, making them universal, consistent, and scalable.

Our Approach

Our approach was focused on establishing core principles and themes to serve as the building blocks for Polygon's technical graphics. We emphasized Simple Flow States, Motion, Color, and Iconography. These elements were designed to simplify complex ideas and make them easily understandable through visual cues and motion.

Cities & Blueprints Theme:

We proposed the "Cities & Blueprints" theme to set up the foundational building blocks for Polygon’s technical graphics. This theme was intended to ensure that all graphics were consistent and scalable, helping to communicate complex concepts clearly and effectively.

The Founder's Diary Theme:

We created the "Founder's Diary" theme to share insights and discoveries in a personal and relatable manner, as if drawn directly from the diaries of Polygon's founders. This approach aimed to provide a high-level overview of technical diagrams with easy-to-understand explanations, making the visuals engaging and accessible.

Polygon Miden Playground Development

Elevating Developer Experiences with Polygon Miden Playground
Front-End Engineering

Polygon Miden is a ZK-optimized rollup designed to extend Ethereum’s capabilities, enabling high-throughput and privacy-preserving applications. We collaborated with Polygon on Phase 1 of Miden Playground, an interactive environment for developers to write, execute, prove, and verify programs using Miden Assembly directly from their browsers. The objective was to develop a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that enhances the developer experience.

Our engineering pod, consisting of technical and creative experts, worked intensively over two weeks to deliver a seamless and engaging user interface. Our approach focused on creating an intuitive interface for the Miden VM, developing a user-friendly layout for easy navigation and accessibility. We integrated advanced features for real-time writing, execution, proving, and verification of Miden Assembly programs. We ensured that the front-end design was consistent with Polygon’s brand identity and scalable for future updates. By providing a better UI and streamlined functionality, we helped Polygon create a tool that meets current needs and is adaptable for future developments in the Miden ecosystem.

with Buildooors

Bringing Together the Best Minds in Web3 Across India
NFT Design

Brunch with Buildoors was an invite-only mixer organized by The Product House and Polygon to bring together the top Web3 developers in major Indian cities. To commemorate the event, we created a unique 3D NFT art piece that gave a modern Web3 twist to the Last Supper painting, featuring degen NFT faces. This artwork symbolized the gathering of the most ingenious minds in the Web3 space—the developers, who were the heart of the event. The NFT also served as a token of appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the builders, capturing the essence and spirit of the dev community.


Abstract 3D Visualisations

Transforming Concepts into Dynamic 3D Visuals
3D, Motion

Our 3D & Motion design team developed hyperreal visualizations for Polygon, achieving an abstract yet highly detailed aesthetic. These visualizations were crafted to elevate the visual narrative, making complex blockchain concepts more tangible and engaging. Integrating these visuals with the overall brand enhances the identity and reinforces brand messaging.

Our collaboration with Polygon has allowed us to contribute to their vision and drive forward their innovative blockchain solutions. This partnership has creatively challenged us to enhance blockchain design, user interfaces, and overall adoption and engagement strategies. We are currently working on Phase 2 of the Miden Playground development project, continuing our journey with Polygon.