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All systems go!
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Simulating the best hackathon experience for over 2000+ hackers at ETHIndia 2022

Branding, Web Design, Front-End Development, Event Experience Design
1.5 Months

ETHIndia is an Ethereum Hackathon — a movement with the goal of inspiring and fostering a community of web3 builders promoting technological advancements for Ethereum. Spacekayak joined forces with ETHIndia as the creative partner, and we began crafting our first off-chain hackathon experience.

Our initial brand design strategy incorporated vibrant colours and typography that captured the cultural essence of India and its people - their enthusiasm, creativity, and passion. We wanted to make builders feel that they belong to a utopian future with endless crypto use case possibilities blended with Bangalore's colourful culture. Keeping this in mind, we crafted a unique digital art for the website design.

Build Your Garden

Ethereum, as an "Infinite Garden" represents a diverse ecosystem of individuals and organizations that build and grow alongside it. We hit a perfect serendipity when tying the concept of Infinite garden with the garden city of Bangalore, where countless startups have sprouted their roots over the years. Both portray a symbol of endless growth and transformation, which led to the creative direction of all our designs.

Crafting an Immersive Experience

Every aspect of the hackathon was designed with precision and purpose, from the strategic layout of the venue to the signage and banners. Art installations, including the 110-feet-long "Story of Ethereum" and an illuminating 6.5 ft ETHIndia logo added more depth to the ambiance. Our goal was to create an immersive experience that made a lasting impression on attendees.

World’s Biggest Ethereum Hackathon

ETHIndia 2022, which kicked-off as Asia’s largest Ethereum hackathon became the world's biggest Ethereum hackathon. Spacekayak's branding and design significantly contributed to the event's success, simulating the best hacking experience for all participants. This marked our first real-life design work for a large-scale event, a rich learning experience that we're eager to bring to future collaborations. For a detailed case study on the ETHIndia design from start to finish, read our comprehensive report here.

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