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All systems go!
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Graviky Labs

Crafting a sustainable narrative for combating climate change with clean technology

Branding and Web Design
1.5 Months

Graviky Labs is an MIT spinoff dedicated to developing clean technology for climate change solutions. They have pioneered decarbonisation through the process of carbon sequestration that captures air pollution and transforms it into inks. Their flagship product, AIR-INK®, is a carbon-negative ink made from upcycled carbon emissions captured by their proprietary technology, KAALINK™.

Graviky was one of the earliest projects Spacekayak had worked on. Their mission of shaping a sustainable narrative and motivating businesses towards greener alternatives resonated deeply with our commitment to improving earth efficiency.

Crafting a dual narrative

We crafted a compelling narrative for Graviky that set the tone for their entire landing page. The narrative "One World, Two Futures" presented a stark choice between a tragic future marred by the climate crisis and a hopeful future where conscious actions lead to a more sustainable world.

Halftone: A Visual Symphony

We incorporated halftone collage art in our design process, creating a visually compelling and symbolically rich aesthetic. The halftone patterns brought out Graviky's transformation of pollution into solution, subtly reinforcing their core message. The collage art allowed us to create 
a layered narrative, showcasing Graviky's multifaceted approach to tackling climate change.

Championing Sustainable Initiatives

For visionary companies like Graviky, who are working towards the bigger picture, the story they tell is as impactful as the imagery, which was brought out well by our narrative and visual design. We, at Spacekayak, remain committed to supporting initiatives that strive for a more sustainable and efficient earth.

700 tonnes
of carbon sequestered through pilots in the last 3 years
6.5 Million KM
of driving emissions avoided