The ETHIndia Design Story

The ETHIndia Design Story

Simulating the best hacking experience for over 2000+ hackers

Bringing Innovation Home

It is a recognisable trait of humanity to yearn for a better tomorrow—and it is towards this end that we use innovation as our guide.

ETHIndia 2022 happened at KTPO in Bangalore—India's entrepreneurial capital and the polestar of web3 that is vibrant and sprawling with innovation—something we believe should be celebrated, and it is through ETHIndia, that builders from different backgrounds and cultures could come together to foster collaboration and creativity.

Through this shared belief, Spacekayak joined forces with ETHIndia as the creative partner, and we began crafting our first off-chain experience to bring innovation home to Bangalore.

Namma Utopian Bengaluru

Mid August 2022: Our quest for inviting builders to ETHIndia starts 🚀

Incorporating vibrant colours and typography and capturing the essence of India and its people - their enthusiasm, creativity, and passion.

Setting the tone for innovation, creativity and enthusiasm for hackers with specific colours and typography

Making builders feel that they belong to a utopian future with endless crypto use case possibilities blended with Bangalore's colourful culture. We painted a picture of a utopian Bangalore where crypto is at our fingertips.

The response ETHIndia received was truly incredible, with more than 21,000 applications pouring in from talented builders all across the globe.

✅ 21,000 applications
🌎 69 countries

Designing The Hackathon Experience

November 2022: Venue Scouting and Starting the Groundwork 🏟

As hackers signed up for Asia’s biggest hackathon, it was time for us lay the foundation for an environment where they could share ideas, network, and create solutions for real-world problems. Along with Devfolio, we started our groundwork by scouting the venue—KTPO Trade Centre.

KTPO is huge—both in terms of space and significance. The big halls and ample open space were a huge canvas for us to play with creatively, but it did come with limitations. Working with constraints was a challenge that led to us coming up with better creative solutions.

The Infinite Garden

Mid-November 2022: Bringing the Infinite Garden idea to life 🌱

Working closely with Devfolio in Bangalore, Denver (COO, Devfolio), introduced us to the idea of Infinite Garden.

"More than a technology, Ethereum is a diverse ecosystem of individuals and organizations that build and grow alongside it."

At ETHIndia, we wanted to celebrate Ethereum as an infinite garden that encourages collaboration and innovation, where everyone can be part of something bigger. We hit a perfect serendipity when tying the concept of Infinite garden with the garden city of Bangalore, where countless startups have sprouted their roots over the years. Both portray a symbol of endless growth and transformation, which led to the creative direction of all our designs.

Visualising The Experience

We spent the month of November working hard and going through numerous iterations to ensure that our designs perfectly embodied the ethos of ETHIndia, in sync with its unique branding and vibe. Let us walk you through how we envisioned the hackathon through these designs.

Welcoming Hackers to ETHIndia

Vibrant "Build Your Garden" Flags

The Venue Map

Welcome Card for Hackers

Official Wrist Band

Swag coupons for hackers to redeem The Swag Bag: Design

Swag coupon for hackers to redeem The Swag Bag: Mockups

The infinite Garden-themed Swag Bag/Tote

Official ETHIndia T-Shirt

A Special ETHIndia Cold Brew with Bonomi

Official ETHIndia Stickers

Art Installations

1. The Story of Ethereum Wall

Creating an immersive experience for the hackers as they walked from the registration hall to the main hacker hall through a 110-feet-long "Story of Ethereum" art installation that offered something captivating and informative at every step.

The aim was to give them an overview of the ecosystem's history that they'd be building in at the hackathon.

2. ETHIndia Logo Art Installation

A 6.5 ft installation of the ETHIndia logo at the Hacker Hall entrance with blocks that represent the blockchain. The neon pink lighting adds a touch that illuminates the space in a mesmerizingly, making for an unforgettable experience.

The Hacker Hall

The heart of the hackathon where hackers would hustle day and night to build the next big thing and the stage that would host Juan Bennet and Sandeep Nailwal.

Curating Recreational Experiences

Hackathons can be gruelling, with everyone working throughout the day and burning the midnight oil. With a goal to inject some fun and relaxation into the mix, we set up a bunch of activities like kite flying, cricket net practice, and table tennis to help hackers unwind, let their hair down and step away from screens.

Spacekayak also created an awesome on-chain experience "Astrogarden" for the hackers at ETHIndia to capture their ETHIndia moments with pixelated avatars and mint them. Hackers dropped by to learn more about Spacekayak, get their pixelated avatars, cop some sweet spacemerch, and left feeling inspired, creative, and full of new friends! Check out Astrograden and all our pixel frens in action here.

"When in a Hackathon, Do as the Hackers Do"

The timer screen served as the starting and ending point for the hackers, marking the beginning and conclusion of their hacking journey. During the event, we had our own little hacking experience when breaking the code to time their journey perfectly!

Ready. Set. Hack.
And... That's a Wrap!

India Blockchain Week

During the same time as ETHIndia, India Blockchain Week was going on at full pace. It was a jam-packed week filled with hackathons, workshops, conferences, and community events, all aimed at supporting talent in the South Asian blockchain scene.

We crafted the India Blockchain Week website to keep track of all the side events around ETHIndia, so the web3 crowd knows when and where to go for building, networking and partying. Huge shoutout to our fren Mani, who helped us develop the website and maintain it regularly as more events kept lining up for the whole week!

ETHIndia 2022: World’s Biggest Hackathon

As we neared the end of the experience, we realised that ETHIndia 2022 had become the biggest Ethereum hackathon not only in Asia, but in the whole world!

🛠 2000 builders
🌎 321 cities
🪄 450+ Web3 Projects

Builders from all around the world put in a lot of effort and enthusiasm to create and innovate on Ethereum, which is what made this milestone possible.

Listen to The ETHIndia Story

Hear all about the BTS of crafting the ETHIndia experience from Paul Finney, the founder of Spacekayak on our fren Salman's channel.

Live The ETHIndia Experience

*Drumroll* 🥁 Whether you didn't get a chance to attend ETHIndia, or you did and you're missing the vibe and people, we've got you covered! Introducing the ETHIndia virtual experience, where you can hang out with your frens and network all day, every day, all week long!

Designs in Action: A Gallery

The ETHIndia 2022 hackathon was an unforgettable experience, marked by innovative ideas and a palpable enthusiasm among hackers from all over the world. Every aspect of the hackathon was designed with precision and purpose, from the layout of the venue, signage and banners that adorned the wall to the art installations. The experience was immersive, with every detail carefully crafted to make a lasting impression on attendees.

But don't just take our word for it - see our designs in action! With this, we hope to continue contributing to the growth and development of the blockchain community, and we look forward to future events that celebrate the power of innovation and Web3. ✨

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